Its beginning to look a lot like stitchmas!

A lady in the pub today (that I work in might I add!), informed me that its 39 days until xmas! So whether you’re getting excited for the 40th day or looking forward to xmas prep or xmas itself – its coming!

BUT – for me what is more exciting is that our final stitchathon is on Saturday! yippee!!!

Thanks to the wonderful Katharine we have our bias binding and thanks to all of the amazing sos facebook gang who voted – it is a lovely lilac! 🙂 yey!


We also had a lovely email from the lovely Yvette who has been an absolute angel throughout this project!


I had a look at all the squares on Facebook and they’re totally amazing – I was practically crying on the train looking through them all!

Would love to do a little feature in the mag about the finished design, maybe in issue 213, on sale 21st Jan? Let me know when you’re all done and have some pics of the finished make we can use and then we can put something together, happy to share on Facebook too!

Hope it’s all going ok with you?

Yvette x


Fab feedback 🙂

Sadly, the GEM paper wouldn’t cover our project – but we tried!

Cant wait for the next stages! 🙂



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