To paraphrase Pink Floyd – its just another stitch on the sheet

What a wonderful day! Not only was it super sunny, but It was also such a refreshingly positive day spent with 2 amazing ladies!

Thanks to my lovely dad who took me to Whitchurch to host our 2nd stitch a thon and the amazing Simone for the room hire (awesome room), and Annalise and Katharine for giving up another Saturday for SOS!

It was a really productive day – thanks to Katharine who kindly bought the lovely lilac bias binding (as voted for by the group on facebook), we got to work pinning (largely our own hands), tacking and rejuggling some of the squares in order to add another stage to the finished project!

It didn’t go smoothly all the time (a few curse words, rejuggling of squares and ideas being thrown around helped!) – and that’s quite similar to life I think!

Initially we’d hoped to have completed it by the end of the session – but we worked solidly (with a couple of coffees on the go) from 10-2 and we made awesome progress.

Those ladies talents are amazing and each time I see the squares I just beam with utter pride! Thank you all!


KINDLY and amazingly, both ladies have taken home a panel to do some work on it – beyond generous and sew (so) appreciated I assure you! SO hopefully we’ll have some updates soon! 🙂 Although if at any point it gets too much, they must must must stop!

It was wonderful to get to chat too and, as corny as this may sound, I feel the ladies and I helped to not only stitch more of the project, but maybe stitch a bit more of our frienships (hopefully!) and they certainly mended a bit of me too! 🙂

Mega excited for the next step!




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