Stitchy Saturday Update

Its an ‘SOS’ type of week this week  for many I imagine, with xmas nearing the actual motto of ‘save our souls’ may not be too far from the truth amongst the stressors, chaos and pressures of the festive season. I know, all to well, that its not necessarily the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ for everyone….But hopefully with support, some craft and tough skill based percarverence, we can get through it! Jo has suggested wisely, using the blog she has kindly set up, in order to write exerts about how you cope in these coming weeks…

Its been wonderful to have interest from a few journalists about covering this project lately too  – thanks to everyone whose responded to the posts on facebook, we should be ‘in print’ soon.

The deadline for the project Is looming – it needs to be in Simone’s hands a month yesterday (18.01.16). Hayley has been snipping away like a little Edward scissorhands, to create a title piece for each of the hangings. Then on Tuesday Annalise and myself (and other are welcome too) are hoping to add these onto the displays so far! FABULOUS!

Another stitch in our story guys! 🙂


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