Bringing a bit more elegance to sos

in Barry of all places!

Barry Library VERY KINDLY allowed us to have the room that i usually use on a Tuesday for my knit and natter group in order to sew up the title pieces. There was even a lovely lady who is a key part of the knit group, who kindly joined us and was a valuable part from start to finish (as well as a brilliant person to chat to!)

Annalise who has continued to be an absolute angel throughout the project (and for me personally as a dear valued friend) travelled over an hour to get to Barry Library with the piece she’d kindly taken home. I brought the piece that Kath had kindly finished and the letters which Hayley neatly trimmed out for the title piece.

The elegance i refer to comes from my personal fave actress who i deem one of life’s true elegant beauties – Audrey Hepburn!

Hayley made it for me for my birthday and although it was hard to part with, it means so much to me to be able to share it with everyone and show off how amazing my sister is, but also, i feel the message on it ‘nothing is impossible  = the very word says im possible” is quite fitting for the project, and for mental health recovery itself. I hope you agree!

It looks pretty good doesnt it!

We cut, ironed (you dont often see women ironing in the library!) and chatted and the results speak for themselves!

The pieces are now safe with Annalise who is kindly going to finish them off – watch this space!

hope everyone is having a peaceful day x


One response to “Bringing a bit more elegance to sos

  1. Audrey is a wonderful addition to this project. It must have been very hard to part with her though.

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