What does it mean to you?

I have meant to ‘blog’ for a little while – but thanks to moving house on xmas eve I have no wifi so this is my ‘return’ to the digital world (and its shockingly sad how ‘out of it’ I feel!!!!)

For me Xmas was mixed – I spent it in amongst other peoples celebrations and joy, in work, which was actually lovely. I moved house on Xmas eve, as I say, so it was a bit of a ‘rushed’ period too, but hopefully a hopeful one for a better  2016 for all. Quite often when I say to people I worked over xmas, im met with signs of sympathy, but actually it was quite wonderful to see so much happiness, to be surrounded by the wonderful people I work with, and still get to speak to family and friends who I’m close to. Sadly I missed to catch up with some very dear people, due to work, but I do hope to replan this for 2016 if they are willing, I also got to see my lovely sister for a catch up and other fab friends for coffee, catch ups and even a bit of theatre!! Back to work, It was interesting to see how various people celebrate, hear the gifts people had received, the things people were valuing. It was nice to hear happy chatter (even if it was just at the relief that it was nearly over!)…Which leads me to think, that xmas means different things for different people….. An interesting thing which I saw today, which partly reminded me to write this blog, was found in an interesting location, a toilet (!!). On the door was a hand scribbled message “IT WILL BE OK, STAY STRONG AND KEEP FIGHTING”, this leads me to wonder who wrote this, what they meant (was it personal, or just a reminder before hitting jan sales….the list could go on…). I guess ultimately, it means different things to different people, which, again, is an ongoing ‘thread’ of SOS, this season and life. I know that the festive period and in deed the new year can be a mixed one for many, with challenges, choices and thoughts…but hopefully everyone manages to get through it one way or another and even better if they can reflect on something ‘happy’ in hindsight too.

The New year can pose difficulties for many, myself included, thinking back on the past year, what I’ve done/not done, or looking ahead to the hopes/fears for the new year. Again, there are no magic answers to how best to ‘cope’ but, all we can do is the best we are able to do, at any one time. We must also remember that we are never alone and that reaching out can be the greatest chore, but show the greatest strength of all, in times of struggle.


In terms of SOS – the new year will hopefully see the launch of the wonderful display, to which I do hope some of you wonderful contributors/supporters will be able to attend. As for ‘what next’…apart from hopefully allowing others to ‘admire’ the work we’ve created over the coming months/years etc….I, like perhaps you, simply do not know what the year might hold, of course it will be sad to see a chunk of SOS close a chapter, but perhaps it will lead to another chapter unveiling…


Have a peaceful, healthy, positive week and, incase this is the last blog of 2015, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!



One response to “What does it mean to you?

  1. Nice post. I’m glad your Christmas went well. I worked Boxing Day but have had five days off since then. I’m not ashamed to say I have totally hermitted for those days! Lots of cross stitch, time with my boys, catch up with online friends and writing my lists for next year.
    Let’s hope it’s a good one.

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