A new home

I imagine it was a similar feeling that I experienced today (As sad as this might sound) as when a parent leaves its child at the school gates for the first time. Slight angst, slight panic at whether all preparation had been done, slightly pride, slight fear, slight hope, slight apprehension, slight gratitude, slight autopilot, slight relief, ultimately knowledge that they are in the best place…I don’t know, I haven’t had children so anyone who has, please do feel free to correct me here…BUT I experienced this because thanks to the ever amazing Annalise and equally fab Hayley , we were able to deliver the sos displays to their new home with there new owner Simone!

Annalise kindly made the trek down to Cardiff in this grotty weather we are experiencing (Although I know this is nothing compared to what some are facing!) and shebrought with her sparkle, warmth and the sos displays neatly bundled into a totem pole type manner!

Hayley kindly drove me there, accompanied me in and was her usual helpful self.

lovingly wrapped by Annalise, and stylishly carried by hay and nat… (!!!)


We both met Annalise and then Simone in the new build (and what a wonderful build too I must say  – smelt nice and new too!) in order to unveil the pieces and safely store them ready for them to be displayed!

home sweet home




I am so proud to be a part of this! I am so happy with the end display, in awe of the talent, amazed by the story which has stitched out alongside the amazing squares, excited to see people’s reactions, privaledged to have crossed paths with so many wonderful people, honoured to have heard people’s amazing journeys so far, happy to have seen amazing people today, amazed by how generous people have been, slightly sad by the chapter of sos ending, aware of the last little bits which need doing but ultimately just wowed by the whole thing and hopeful that others are too!

ignore the baggage – but look how amazing the work is!






One response to “A new home

  1. How exciting to see the hangings in their new home!
    Having a child start school is very much how you describe, with the addition of coming home to an empty house after you drop them off! I’m sure there is a big space in your house where the stitching had been done!
    Annalise is probably glad to have her table back too!

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