It was with great delight that I got home today, knowing (thanks to my sister who’d informed me her’s had arrived/told me how fabulous it was in print) that my copy of Cross Stitch Crazy magazine had arrived!!!! 🙂

Thanks to a very special friend and a key part of SOS, ANNALISE, and the very supportive and super Yvette (Editor of Cross stitch crazy mag) the article came together superbly! It was a touching reflection of EVERYONE’S hard work and, I think, did justice to how superb the end result is!  Annalise’s beautiful way with words comes across wonderfully in the article, I think, as she describes being a “guardian of so many people’s efforts, thoughts and talent, encased within these beautiful squares” and she bravely explains a bit about her own struggles which, to me, reflects powerfully how amazing she is.

This article is a fitting celebration of everyone’s hard work – every square, every stitch, every sewing up (thanks to fabulous Katherine, Annalise and Margaret) and every supporter, I hope others enjoy reading it and feel proud to be part of it!

I really love how the images capture SOS creative talents and how the words outline a bit of the SOS adventure so far!


Go buy your copy of Cross Stitch Crazy 18 Feb!!!!






One response to “SOS IN PRINT

  1. How fantastic to see the finished work in the magazine! I’m not sure when I’ll get to see a copy though but I am excited to hear about it.

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