The final countdown (or should that be stitchdown…?)

Its under a week until SOS IS LAUNCHED FOR ALL TO SEE and I personally cannot wait! In many ways its been a long journey, with lots of positives and incredible results…in other ways its gone so fast and I guess more could always have been done, such is life eh!

I’m really excited to see it in its glory and hopefully see others there too, see their reactions and just enjoy meeting those who made it possible.
I’m fortunate that my fabulous sister, my wonderful dad and my lovely friend Annalise will be there for the launch – alongside many others I hope! I know it will be an emotional day but also one of proud moments!
Photos will be taken so that everyone can be part of this day too! So watch this space!

Also, I’m really hoping someone will start a sos somewhere else which I can be part of too! I think its been a real success and something which could be a starting pad for others projects! 🙂


One response to “The final countdown (or should that be stitchdown…?)

  1. How exciting to see the hangings in their forever home! It’s been a great project to be involved in. Well done for organising it and keeping it on track over the last few months.

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