Bringing a bit more elegance to sos

in Barry of all places!

Barry Library VERY KINDLY allowed us to have the room that i usually use on a Tuesday for my knit and natter group in order to sew up the title pieces. There was even a lovely lady who is a key part of the knit group, who kindly joined us and was a valuable part from start to finish (as well as a brilliant person to chat to!)

Annalise who has continued to be an absolute angel throughout the project (and for me personally as a dear valued friend) travelled over an hour to get to Barry Library with the piece she’d kindly taken home. I brought the piece that Kath had kindly finished and the letters which Hayley neatly trimmed out for the title piece.

The elegance i refer to comes from my personal fave actress who i deem one of life’s true elegant beauties – Audrey Hepburn!

Hayley made it for me for my birthday and although it was hard to part with, it means so much to me to be able to share it with everyone and show off how amazing my sister is, but also, i feel the message on it ‘nothing is impossible  = the very word says im possible” is quite fitting for the project, and for mental health recovery itself. I hope you agree!

It looks pretty good doesnt it!

We cut, ironed (you dont often see women ironing in the library!) and chatted and the results speak for themselves!

The pieces are now safe with Annalise who is kindly going to finish them off – watch this space!

hope everyone is having a peaceful day x


Stitchy Saturday Update

Its an ‘SOS’ type of week this week  for many I imagine, with xmas nearing the actual motto of ‘save our souls’ may not be too far from the truth amongst the stressors, chaos and pressures of the festive season. I know, all to well, that its not necessarily the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ for everyone….But hopefully with support, some craft and tough skill based percarverence, we can get through it! Jo has suggested wisely, using the blog she has kindly set up, in order to write exerts about how you cope in these coming weeks…

Its been wonderful to have interest from a few journalists about covering this project lately too  – thanks to everyone whose responded to the posts on facebook, we should be ‘in print’ soon.

The deadline for the project Is looming – it needs to be in Simone’s hands a month yesterday (18.01.16). Hayley has been snipping away like a little Edward scissorhands, to create a title piece for each of the hangings. Then on Tuesday Annalise and myself (and other are welcome too) are hoping to add these onto the displays so far! FABULOUS!

Another stitch in our story guys! 🙂

Mid December Update

Well, I feel awfully ‘slack’ on SOS – so I must apologise – however, thankfully other people haven’t been as slack!

Katie at the Independent has asked us to write a bit for an article she’d like to do on SOS – and kindly so many people have responded – thankyou! Watch this space for the article update!

The lovey Yvette at cross stitch crazy mag has also offered to feature us again in 2016! Brilliant!

And VIP – Katherine and Annalise, who kindly took home the pieces to sew on – have been incredibly kind, talented and committed and have posted updates of how much work they’ve done on the pieces – its amazing how generous they are being with their time and skills and the pieces speak volumes!

Jo kindly set up the blog too and it would be wonderful to get contributions towards that asap 🙂

I hope that stitchmas craft time Is upon you all 🙂 until next blog, keep well all xx



Its beginning to look a lot like stitchmas!

Just a quick check in now that December is upon us and I, like many others, am aware that its a difficult time for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons….alcohol, food, social, financial, memories, relationships…the list goes on….

Maybe its a time to ‘get crafty’ too – either as a way of distraction or making homemade gifts – or killing two birds with 1 stone and doing both…

I want to say that I hope everyone is keeping safe and continuing to use stitching/craft as a coping tool, support around them and services/skills, in order to have a healthy festive period


Sew exciting

The amazing ladies Annalise and Katharine are busy busy bee’s (no pun intended with the sewing bee…) working their sewing magic all in order to construct the SOS pieces – I am unable to express in words how fabulous this is and how grateful I am, as im sure others are too. Its amazing to see the progressions and I eagerly await any further photos the ladies kindly share with us on the facebook group!

On a personal note, my ‘craft cells’ seem to have died a little lately (I actually went into hobbycraft on black Friday – and bought….wait for it…nothing!)


I hope I don’t lose the crafting bug for ever – its a big lifeline for me, but if I do, que sera I guess! 🙂

Thank you all so much for your amazing parts in this project so far!!!


To paraphrase Pink Floyd – its just another stitch on the sheet

What a wonderful day! Not only was it super sunny, but It was also such a refreshingly positive day spent with 2 amazing ladies!

Thanks to my lovely dad who took me to Whitchurch to host our 2nd stitch a thon and the amazing Simone for the room hire (awesome room), and Annalise and Katharine for giving up another Saturday for SOS!

It was a really productive day – thanks to Katharine who kindly bought the lovely lilac bias binding (as voted for by the group on facebook), we got to work pinning (largely our own hands), tacking and rejuggling some of the squares in order to add another stage to the finished project!

It didn’t go smoothly all the time (a few curse words, rejuggling of squares and ideas being thrown around helped!) – and that’s quite similar to life I think!

Initially we’d hoped to have completed it by the end of the session – but we worked solidly (with a couple of coffees on the go) from 10-2 and we made awesome progress.

Those ladies talents are amazing and each time I see the squares I just beam with utter pride! Thank you all!


KINDLY and amazingly, both ladies have taken home a panel to do some work on it – beyond generous and sew (so) appreciated I assure you! SO hopefully we’ll have some updates soon! 🙂 Although if at any point it gets too much, they must must must stop!

It was wonderful to get to chat too and, as corny as this may sound, I feel the ladies and I helped to not only stitch more of the project, but maybe stitch a bit more of our frienships (hopefully!) and they certainly mended a bit of me too! 🙂

Mega excited for the next step!



Its beginning to look a lot like stitchmas!

A lady in the pub today (that I work in might I add!), informed me that its 39 days until xmas! So whether you’re getting excited for the 40th day or looking forward to xmas prep or xmas itself – its coming!

BUT – for me what is more exciting is that our final stitchathon is on Saturday! yippee!!!

Thanks to the wonderful Katharine we have our bias binding and thanks to all of the amazing sos facebook gang who voted – it is a lovely lilac! 🙂 yey!


We also had a lovely email from the lovely Yvette who has been an absolute angel throughout this project!


I had a look at all the squares on Facebook and they’re totally amazing – I was practically crying on the train looking through them all!

Would love to do a little feature in the mag about the finished design, maybe in issue 213, on sale 21st Jan? Let me know when you’re all done and have some pics of the finished make we can use and then we can put something together, happy to share on Facebook too!

Hope it’s all going ok with you?

Yvette x


Fab feedback 🙂

Sadly, the GEM paper wouldn’t cover our project – but we tried!

Cant wait for the next stages! 🙂